Home Services Market – A problem to solve

logoOn-demand Home Services

Its been exactly 15 months that we first started tinkering with the idea of raghukaka.com – a platform to match demand in home services market with supply. All of us at some point or the other have faced issues in getting our jobs completed. Sometimes the price, sometimes the quality, and sometimes we just didn’t know who to call. Too many variables affect the skills market & we have ended up experiencing sheer frustration.

We as a team are committed to addressing the above problem through http://www.raghukaka.com.

For us the economics of the skill market was more challenging than the technology we built or the processes we are setting up to offer market services to both buyers and sellers.

Raghukaka is an experiment to organise a market around the home services segment.

We will develop the technology, create information symmetry, provide due diligence of buyers & sellers, enable online transaction systems and offer various other market services to both buyers and sellers.

As we learn with inputs from our customers, we hope to grow and make this market truly dynamic & enable attributes such as

  • real time pricing,
  • various trust features &
  • transparency

In the process, we will commit some mistakes and generally screw up in technology, services, communications and probably most often on our assumptions; (like other e com players); but we commit to correct them immediately and move ahead.

We are starting with a small bunch of fully vetted suppliers in Mumbai who users can hire for your jobs with complete trust. We will continue to add sellers and gradually grow the market.

Yours Truly
Vineet Pandey (Co-founder)
Team Raghukaka,
+91 22 334 88888



Do test us and give your feedback on cs@raghukaka.com


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