Raghukaka’s Journey So Far…

Its been just a little over 3 months since we launched. And everything that we could think of, predict, visualise happened and then a few more things happened. Things that we hadn’t even bargained for….

For those who we haven’t been able to touch yet; we are an online marketplace for Home & Lifestyle Services. Yeah we know, probably the 150th to enter this segment in the last 24 months. However, we aren’t perturbed with so much of competition – driven by many factors:

  1. The sheer size of this opportunity (McKinsey says that this is a 10B $ opportunity to start with, Home Services in India – Our calculations make this a 16B $ opportunity or 60,000 orders a day in the top 10 to 15 cities in India). You simply work out the total non-casual self employed work force and co-relate it with the country’s GDP to arrive at the Self Employed Semi Organised Services Workforce and their Average Annual Revenues.
  2. We are different. Well all startups say so… but we truly are. Because, first and foremost, we are definitely not a startup. Raghukaka is the b2C avatar of an Integrated Facilities Management venture that has been providing verified, secured end-to-end operations and maintenance services to some of the most blue chip corporates in India for the last 6 years. We are a 600+ headcount company with presence in over 5 million sq ft of real estate.
  3. Our experience has taught us one thing. This segment has enough demand and enough supply but the challenge is in matching the RIGHT Supply with the RIGHT Demand, day in and day out, for the most number of successful deals. Our competition, on the other hand is solving the following problem:
    1. Competition – “I will send you the first available service provider for your enquiry and I will be happy if your job gets done.”

Raghukaka is committed to GETTING YOUR JOB DONE by giving you the most appropriate service provider for your need. How we do this? Well that’s our secret recipe….

In our launch email, we had stated that inspite of the hundreds of checks, we would screw up and we did. However, we quickly learnt and incorporated systems to correct such failings.

There have been many interesting insights that we gained in the last 3 months and we share this to our community as below:

  1. Don’t ever underestimate the power of the Internet. This is big and immensely dynamic. A good tech, product, service, solution scales up pretty fast. All those starting up – be thorough and well prepared with YOUR ABILITY TO DELIVER. Rather start small if not prepared.
  2. Close to 21% of our transactions were online. Users are willing to pay within seconds if you hit the right spot in terms of the “Promise of Delivery”; this you can create through simple, visual and clear messaging.
  3. And if you deliver as per the PROMISE – Word of Mouth takes over. After the first few weeks of campaigning, we had to stop because the Diwali Euphoria took over and all our merchants in the Home Improvement Category were fully booked. And all of this happened through some amazing word of mouth references we received.
  4. Users are quite comfortable with e-commerce. They buy, they sell but they do that with products. This community has been our user base too but we have had to innovate to get them onto our platform. Services are the most difficult to price and our experience in this industry helped us in productivizing the same. On Raghukaka, you exactly know how much you will be paying when you book an order. We wanted to create a front end that seemed like the flipkart or the amazon for services.
  5. 65%+ of our users are women. And we wondered if our name and messaging stuck with them. But it did. We were their Concierge on the Cloud – their personal Valet for their on-demand needs.
  6. Stereotypes do not exist. Women booked services such as Car SPA, Fitness, Repairs & Maintenance. Men booked Home Cleaning, Wellness, Pest Control, Yoga & more.
  7. App & Web users engage deeply with your platform. They search, and thoroughly review. But once decided, they want orders to be placed in quick, easy steps. This insight led us to create our booking system that across all our service lines never cross 5 clicks.
  8. When you screw up, just own up. And your users become your biggest brand ambassadors.

The holiday season has just begun. And there is a long way to go.

We are your Personal Concierge for all your Home Improvement and Lifestyle Services Needs. Call us, Visit us or just App us…

Team Raghukaka (cs@raghukaka.com)


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