Pay online and get cash delivered at home!!


While no one doubts the intent behind the recent demonitization move unveiled by the central government, this unexpected situation has created some inconvenience for the general public at large.

As banks grapple with frenzied demand for cash; increasing queues at branches & ATMs have become a common sight.

In this context, which is a leading home services venture operating in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane has taken the mantle to ease the burden and contribute in its small way to this historic transformation that the nation goes through.

Raghukaka with a service network of over 1000 skilled technicians and service providers has launched an innovative service for those who haven’t been able to go to an ATM or a bank branch.

Now anyone can download the raghukaka home services app (available on android and iOS), register themselves and book an appointment as per their convenience to request cash delivery at home. raghukaka app being a full stack home services product has digital payment systems built in. This allows any user to make an online payment when a raghukaka associate visits their home and receive the same amount in cash.

Mr Akshay Dalvi who drives Marketing with the firm believes that this small gesture can help decongest the burden on the existing banking and ATMs infrastructure. Raghukaka will initially deploy a team of dedicated associates to service the Bandra to Borivali region in the western suburbs in Mumbai and provide this unique “ATM at home” facility.

Users can check the availability of this service for their geography in real time on raghukaka app.

Since there is a withdrawal limit that one is subjected to as per RBI guidelines, the team will focus on providing this service to unique users only and upto INR 2000 only. All of these transactions will be legally tracked; besides users will be able to avail this service only when they make an online payment using their own card or netbanking facility.

Raghukaka has no plans to charge any service fees for this initiative. The team is also speaking to multiple banks to procure POS machines so that this exercise if required may be scaled up in future.

Salient Points:

  • Raghukaka launches cash delivery @ home service to provide relief to the general public. Users can pay online and get cash delivered as per their convenience.
  • Users will need to download raghukaka app (available on android/iOS) and book an appointment. Once they register, they can choose to make an online payment of INR 2000 or make an online payment when an associate comes calling and receive the same amount in cash. Currently the app has been customized to accept only INR 2000 only and no other amount.
  • Service currently available in Mumbai from Bandra to Borivali between 10 am to 7pm. Will be expanded to cover entire MMR – users can check availability by logging into raghukaka app
  • A user can use this service only once per week. Maximum amount that can be delivered at home is limited to INR 2000.
  • Users will have to produce to our associate their KYC to authenticate the online payment instrument that they use when paying on raghukaka app.
  • Raghukaka will be using the cash that they generate from normal business operations to offer this service.
  • There will be no service charges levied by Raghukaka for this service and it is purely a gesture to ease the peoples’ burden.
  • Estimating heavy demand and limited availability of cash, Raghukaka team requests users to be patient too.


To download app:

For any queries, write to


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