Why should women have all the fun?

It’s time the men of the world stand up for what they deserve. They have long been shouldering family responsibilities, moving heaven & earth to work hard, earn and procure the best for their wives, children and every dependent.

Don’t they need some relaxation and pampering? Research shows 🙂 that a healthy, relaxed, & pampered mind is more productive.

While a woman can always visit the neighbourhood salon to rejuvenate, you seldom see Men availing such attention. Besides, the social stigma, if they are found indulging in say a Spa, Massage, Pedicure etc.

Raghukaka, has taken on the mantle to stand up for these hard working Men. Now, Men can too relax, rejuvenate and get pampered; in fact avail all services that till now have been enjoyed by women only. And that too at the comfort of their own homes.

Book Massage Therapies, Clean Up, Pedicure, Manicure, Hair Spa, Facial & more – Professional Salon Services ‘Only for Men’ at the comfort of your own home.

To Book:
Download App: http://bit.ly/2bYRmNx
Call Us: +91 22 334 88888. Give MissCall: +91 22 8010 55 4040

More power to men

Team Raghukaka



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